The Electoral College

Choose a Party

Welcome to the Convention!

Conventions are held to see who will represent the party

Delegates will vote on who they think will best lead to Political Party


You are running against


Your goal will be to select the ideas that best reflect your party in order to be selected by the delegates

People with High Income should be Taxed Higher
Taxes should be raised progressively
Healthcare should be provided by the government
Undocumented immigrants should never gain citizenship
The Death penalty should be enforced
The government should increase spending on the military


the convention

Your ideas


 will need to make an acceptance speech to pull the party together

Your Speech(NOTE: for the purpose of this game, this speech can be very short):


  will start a political campaign

This is meant to gain public support from the people.

The ideas you selected earlier will determine how many people will vote for you on Election Day

Election Day!

Your party won 

of the popular vote

It's not over!

The Electoral College still needs to decide who will be the next president. The Electors from each state will each vote on who they think will be the next president. There needs to be absolute majority for a president to be selected

The electors have decided


  party wins!


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